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Policy Information

Deeline Linemarking acknowledge the importance of protecting the privacy of your personal information hence is committed to complying with the Australian and International privacy laws in order to protect our customers privacy. Therefore all information submitted to us will remain both Private and Confidential and as such will NOT be released or sold to any other person(s).

Information collection and use

In order for Deeline to provide our customers with the best experience and customer service, means we need to collect data. Your information is collected when of your own free accord, you complete and submit either our Contact Form or Enquiry form, and is only used to provide you with an answer to your initial enquiry and further communication relating to your enquiry.

Deeline Linemarking will "NOT" in any way use your details or email address for sending unsolicited 'Spam' Emails.

Website Links

There may be a situation whereby we need to insert links to a 3rd Party website, and although we take great care when deciding which links to include in our website, we cannot be held responsible / liable for their content or any malicious coding contained there in or any damage caused as a result of having visited the third party websites.

Line marking & road painting services Melbourne

If you would like more information regarding our comprehensive range of line marking solutions and would like a quote, then simply contact us direct on (03) 9700 0058 or send us an email. We look forward to assisting you with all your line marking requirements.